Friday, September 04, 2015

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The Vietnam Era

This is the new section on the website covering the Vietnam era. Here we will begin to capture the memories of the crew covering the period of mid 1960's through to decommissioning in 1971.


The first contribution to this section is a gallery of photos provided by Christine Cooke to the Association. Chris is the daughter of Captain William Bennett (deceased), who served as the Commanding Officer of the Fighting Lady during the 1968 WesPac deployment. Also, today Chris serves as a Board Director for the Association.

The following photos from Capt. Bennett's estate highlight three important phases of the 1968 WesPac cruise. They were (1) the ongoing support of the Vietnam War, (2)Yorktown's first responder role in support of the U.S.S. Pueblo crisis in Korea and, (3) on a lighter note, the celebration of the Yorktown's 25th birthday.

 Thanks to Chris and her late father Capt. William Bennett for the following photo essay.





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